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Six of the best book quotes about along the way
Along the way, the book carefully traces their tumultuous relationship, from their first hopeful meeting, to the boy’s loneliness when his family was away and she never called, to her betrayal of him with a rival. It is revealing the innermost thoughts of a teenage boy at a vulnerable time in his life.
“Along the way, he meets Jack Frost, who makes everything sparkle, and Mrs. Thaw, who makes everything melt.”
Along the way to Akeyo’s village, Handa contemplates which fruit Akeyo will like the best. However, each time Handa thinks about a certain fruit an animal pops along and takes that particular fruit.
But along the way Handa gets lots of different animals taking the fruit from her basket.
“The evil wizard Petrosilius Zwackelmann along the way and need a few smart tricks in order to lure both the wizard and the robber Hotzenplotz into their traps.”
“A cute book to show how money works. Ruby and Max go on a cute little adventure to get a gift for grandma and spend money along the way. I did like that it showed a common sense and easy way to introduce the concept of spending money. ”
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