Aunt Willie Quotes

Three of the best book quotes from Aunt Willie
“Wait, wait, you wait.′ Aunt Willie came onto the porch drying her hands on a dish towel. She stood at the top of the steps until Frank, a thin boy with red hair, brought the motor scooter to a stop. As he kicked down the stand she called out, ‘Frank, listen, save yourself some steps. Wanda’s not going anywhere on that motorcycle.”
“Aunt Willie came and stood by Sara, and they watched Wanda climb on the back of the motor scooter. As Wanda and Frank drove off, Aunt Willie laughed again and said, ‘Next thing, you’ll be going off with some boy on a motorcycle.”
“In the house Wanda and Aunt Willie were still arguing. Sara could hear every word even out in the porch. Aunt Willie, who had been taking care of them since the death of their mother six years ago, was saying loudly, ‘No, not on a motorcycle. No motorcycle!”
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