The Summer Of The Swans Quotes

10 of the best book quotes from The Summer Of The Swans
“Wait, wait, you wait.′ Aunt Willie came onto the porch drying her hands on a dish towel. She stood at the top of the steps until Frank, a thin boy with red hair, brought the motor scooter to a stop. As he kicked down the stand she called out, ‘Frank, listen, save yourself some steps. Wanda’s not going anywhere on that motorcycle.”
“And it does too matter how you look, I can tell you that.′ She walked ahead angrily for a few steps, then waited for Charlie and took his hand again. ”
“Charlie sat in the sudden stillness, hunched over his knees, on the bottom step. The whole world seemed to have been turned off when Sara went into the Weiceks’ house, and he did not move for a long time. The only sound was the ticking of his watch.”
“And that was how it had been all summer. The elation of one moment would give way to tears the next, with no warning, for no reason.”
“The orange sneakers were typical of her mood. One minute Sara had been rather fond of them. The next she detested them, thought them as gross as her enormous feet, her impossible body, her ridiculous hair. ”
“Her brother Charlie was sitting on the top step and Sara sat down beside him. She held out her feet, looked at them, and said, ‘I like my orange sneakers, don’t you, Charlie?”
“Aunt Willie came and stood by Sara, and they watched Wanda climb on the back of the motor scooter. As Wanda and Frank drove off, Aunt Willie laughed again and said, ‘Next thing, you’ll be going off with some boy on a motorcycle.”
“Sara Godfrey was lying on the bed tying a kerchief on the dog, Boysie. ‘Hold your chin up, Boysie, will you?’ she said as she braced herself on one elbow.”
“Sara had started talking about the summer again, but he did not listen. He could tell from the tone of her voice that she was not really talking to him at all. He got up slowly and began to walk across the yard toward the tent.”
“In the house Wanda and Aunt Willie were still arguing. Sara could hear every word even out in the porch. Aunt Willie, who had been taking care of them since the death of their mother six years ago, was saying loudly, ‘No, not on a motorcycle. No motorcycle!”
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