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Three of the best book quotes about desire to belong
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    “Oh, if I had only known that day so long ago when I stood outside the parsonage in the cold, aching to belong to that circle of girls who did not want me.[…]
    I close my eyes and tremble with the memory. Wishing I could bring it back. Wishing. For I remember just how it was, and where I was standing and what I was feeling in that moment it was given to me to decide what to do.”
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    “I fear the other girls in the circle will make a mockery of me when I testify,” Mary confided. She sat in the chair and broke into weeping.
    I went to put my arm around her. She gripped my hand. […]
    Johnathan and I stayed with Mary in that room above the tavern. We quieted her and promised we would be in court.
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    ″ I feel ... I have vegetables instead of ears, like large broccoli sticking out of my head. ”