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11 of the best book quotes about color of skin
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    “She’s green, you mean. It’s a she, for heaven’s sake. ”
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    “He stood with her body in his arms in the silent room and cold facts battered him like waves sweeping in from the sea: she was dead; she was white; she was a woman; he had killed her; he was black; he might be caught; he did not want to be caught; if he were they would kill him. ”
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    “See, a marriage needs love. And God. And a little money. That’s all. The rest you can deal with. It’s not about black or white.”
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    “In running from her past, Mommy has created her own nation, a rainbow coalition.”
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    One afternoon on the way home from church I asked her whether God was black or white.
    A deep sigh. “Oh boy…God’s not black. He’s not white. He’s a spirit.”
    “Does he like black or white people better?”
    “He loves all people. He’s a spirit.”
    “What’s a spirit?”
    “A spirit’s a spirit.”
    “What color is God’s spirit?”
    “It doesn’t have a color,” she said. “God is the color of water. Water doesn’t have a color.”
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    “Mommy, after all, did not really look like me. In fact, she didn’t look like Richie, or David—or any of her children for that matter. We were all clearly black, of various shades of brown, some light brown, some medium brown, some very light-skinned, and all of us had curly hair. Mommy was by her own definition, “light-skinned,” a statement which I had initially accepted as fact but at some point later decided was not true.”
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    “I myself had no idea who I was. I loved my mother yet looked nothing like her. Neither did I look like the role models in my life—my stepfather, my godparents, other relatives—all of whom were black. And they looked nothing like the other heroes I saw, the guys in the movies, white men like Steve McQueen and Paul Newman who beat the bad guys and in the end got the pretty girl—who, incidentally, was always white.”
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    “Anyone who couldn’t understand that what’s important is a man’s soul, not the color of his skin, would never be content here.”
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    “Color is not a human or a personal reality; it is a political reality.”
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    ″ When you make the choice to come to America, you become black. ”
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    ″ I feel ... I have vegetables instead of ears, like large broccoli sticking out of my head. ”

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