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Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Brendon and I come from Hungary. An old sheepdog breed. My brothers are called Bela, Bratko and Bence. I’ve lost touch with them. That’s what happens to us dogs: We lose touch after just a few weeks, we’re split up, get a new home, new masters, new surroundings, new smells. It is not easy for us, this adjusting, but after all we’re clever, we learn to adapt and if all goes well, we soon occupy the best places in the new house. That’s what matters. You have to take the best places if you want a good life.
Jutta Richter
The Dog with the Yellow Heart
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dog talking
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split up
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“What are you doing over there?” asked the dog. “Collecting feathers,” said Lotta. She turned around. “And what are you doing?” The dog squinted in the sun. It was early in the morning. The sun’s rays were slanted and did not give off much warmth. The dog was small and black and thin and very dirty.
Lotta opened it. “What have you got there?” asked the dog. “Almond cake,” said Lotta, biting off a large piece. The dog licked his lips. He could smell the almonds and the sugar and the eggs and the milk. He couldn’t remember the last time he had sat next to such a large piece of almond cake. Lotta chewed, swallowed and took another bite. The dog swallowed too. He wondered if he would be quick enough. He would jump up at the girl, she would drop the cake, and then he would grab the cake and run. Three seconds, thought the dog, maybe four.

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