Edmund Hooper Quotes

Seven of the best book quotes from Edmund Hooper
″‘I’m Head of Dorm for next term.’ Kingshaw went cold. He knew that it was sure to be true, and that it would be the worst of all things that were coming. Hooper had power now, here. He would have power there, too, then.”
“Hooper said nothing. He threw the photograph down into the suitcase and walked back to the window. Kingshaw knew that he had won, but he did not feel the winner; Hooper had conceded him nothing.”
“They were gratified with one another, and with this new arrangement of their lives, and so it was easy to say, ‘How well the boys have settled down together! How nice to see them enjoying themselves! How good it is for them not to be alone!’ For they talked at length about their children, knowing nothing of the truth.”
“It was an ordinary house, he thought, an ugly house, nothing to boast of. But the idea that it was his, the idea of family history pleased him.”
“Look, when you’re breathing, you’re alive aren’t you? Everything is. And when you stop breathing, your heart stops, and then you’re dead.”
“He acknowledged that he feared Hooper more than he feared anything in the world.”
“Kingshaw knew that he was the loser. His momentary burst of exultation, and his feeling of superiority over Hooper counted for nothing, they were always short-lived.”
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