breathing Quotes

11 of the best book quotes about breathing
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    “Just breathing isn’t living!”
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    “Suddenly some force struck him in the chest and side, making it still harder to breathe, and he fell through the hole and there at the bottom was a light.”
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    “A Kiss,” said Mogget sleepily. “Actually, just a breath would do. But you have to start kissing someone sometime, I suppose.”
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    “Why do we breathe air? Because we love air? Because we don’t want to suffocate. Why do we eat? Because we don’t want to starve. How do I know I love her? Because I can sleep after I talk to her.”
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    “Words create sentences; sentences create paragraphs; sometimes paragraphs quicken and begin to breathe.”
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    “I’m breathing . . . are you breathing too? It’s nice, isn’t it?”
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    “The past rests, breathing faintly in the darkness. It no longer holds me as it used to; now I must reach back to touch it. It is night and I am alone and there is still time, a moment more. I am standing on a long black stage, with a circle of light on me, which is my love for you, enduring.”
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    “Once I’d dreamed and breathed and thought in colour and light and shape.”
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    “Sutra 1.34: pracchardana-vidhârañâbhyâm vâ prâñasya”
    Translation: The mind is also calmed by regulating the breath, particularly attending to the exhalation and the natural stilling of breath that comes from such practice.
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    “He could still taste her lips from when he’d kissed her in the restroom. He’d never forget it. The sweet sourness of Red Bull, coffee, and the bacteria on her teeth. The humility of it, the realness of a pretty girl with bad breath.”
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    “We breathe the light, we breathe the music, we breathe the moment as it passes through us.”