Elizabeth Jordan Quotes

Six of the best book quotes from Elizabeth Jordan
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    “Lord Jesus, You know the struggle that Tony has. You know the indecision, the shame, the pain of his choices. I pray You would remind him right now of whose child he is. And that when You look at him, You see the perfection of Your Son, Jesus. Thank You that You have conquered sin. Thank You that the evil one is not in control. Give Tony the courage to do what You’re asking him to do, in Your timing.”
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    “I am so sick of you stealing my joy. But that’s changing too. My joy doesn’t come from my friends, it doesn’t come from my job, it doesn’t even come from my husband. My joy is found in Jesus, and just in case you forgot, He has already defeated you. So go back to hell where you belong and leave my family alone!”
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    “In order for this family to function, we need to communicate.”
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    “Part of being a good parent was knowing when to say something and what to say. The HARDEST part of parenting was knowing when to say nothing and listen.”
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    “‘Miss Clara, I’ve never seen anything like this. And I admire it, I really do. It’s just that I don’t have time to pray that much every day.’ Elizabeth said.
    ‘But you apparently have time to fight losing battles with your husband.‘”
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    “I would rather have a man chasing Jesus than a house full of stuff.”