George (The Otterbury Incident) Quotes

Four of the best book quotes from George (The Otterbury Incident)
“You weren’t allowed to throw them- that would have been too easy; you had to slap them on to the tank by hand.”
“Nick’s always putting his foot in it. He’s not been awfully bright since the bomb fell. It killed his parents, and he was dug out of the ruins himself. So can you wonder? Still, we liked him all right. After all, it took guts to come and play on the very spot where it had happened.”
“He was a narrow, wriggling sort of chap, from top to bottom, like a dressed-up eel. Or a snake.”
“Begin at the beginning, go to the end, and there stop- that’s what Rickie, our English master, told me when it was settled I should write the story. It sounds simple enough. But where was the beginning? Haven’t you ever wondered about where things start?”
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