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11 of the best book quotes about snakes
“He was too scary! I sent him back.”
″‘Ah, but they is not killing their own kind,’ the BFG said. ‘Human beans is the only animals that is killing their own kind.’ ‘Don’t poisonous snakes kill each other?’ Sophie asked. She was searching desperately for another creature that behaved as badly as the human. ‘Even poisnowse snakes is never killing each other,’ the BFG said.”
“The chain became a silver snake. It coiled over the ground, around the men, and up onto the back of their cart. It bit into a lock that held it fast.”
“On the seat of the great chief’s stool lay the little garden snake. Nyasha laughed with relief and joy. ‘My little friend!’ she exclaimed. ‘It’s such a pleasure to see you, but why are you here?’ ‘I am the king,’ Nyoka replied. And there, before Nyasha’s eyes, the garden snake changed shape.”
“Because she couldn’t be seen she was safe from snakes, which is why Grandma Poss had made her invisible in the first place.”
“The rain poured down in the night. The water’ll be coming up under the house. You’ve got to watch out for snakes this time of year. Chicky, my littlest sister, starts to tease. ‘Sharyn’s got the hots for you, na na nanaa na!’ She races back to the girls’ room.”
“The mongoose I want under the stairs when the snakes slither by.”
“He stepped calmly up to the snake, knelt down, and picked it up. And as his hand touched it, it turned back into a ruler. ‘What are you frightened of’ he asked Hamish Bigmore. ‘This is only your ruler. But perhaps next time you will do as you are told.‘”
“He was a narrow, wriggling sort of chap, from top to bottom, like a dressed-up eel. Or a snake.”
“The story of Crictor, the versatile boa constrictor, who belongs to Miss Bodot the teacher.”
“A place where snakes throw glamorous parties with flamingos, stingrays join forces to fight off man-eating jaguars, and a giant tortoise carries a wounded man on its shell for hundreds of kilometers to bring him to safety.”
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