Gilgamesh Quotes

Eight of the best book quotes from Gilgamesh
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    “Truly oh Gilgamish he is born in the fields like thee. The mountains have reared him.”
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    “During my night I, having become lusty, wandered about in the midst of omens.”
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    “Oh Enkidu, arise, I will conduct thee unto Eanna dwelling place of Anu, where Gilgamish [oppresses] the souls of men.”
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    “And there came out stars in the heavens, Like a … of heaven he fell upon me. I bore him but he was too heavy for me. He bore a net but I was not able to bear it.”
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    “I saw him and was astounded. I loved him as a woman, falling upon him in embrace. I took him and made him my brother.”
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    “They met in the wide park of the land. Enkidu held fast the door with his foot, and permitted not Gilgamish to enter. They grappled with each other goring like an ox. The threshold they destroyed.”
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    “My mother, I have seen another [dream. I beheld] my likeness in the street. In Erech of the wide spaces he hurled the axe, and they assembled about him.”
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    “Thou beholdest him and art distracted.”