Gwendolen Chant Quotes

Eight of the best book quotes from Gwendolen Chant
“Perhaps, in spite of having no illusions about Gwendolen, Mrs. Sharp was really hoping to become Gwendolen’s manager when Gwendolen grew up. Cat suspected she was, anyway. And he was sorry for Mrs. Sharp. He was sure that Gwendolen would cast her off like an old coat when she became famous...”
“Cat Chant admired his elder sister Gwendolen. She was a witch. He admired and clung to her. Great changes came about in their lives and left him no one else to cling to.”
″... Gwendolen was a witch, so she could not drown. And Cat, who flung his arms around Gwendolen when the boat hit the post, survived too. There were very few other survivors.”
“I’m going to be famous! He said I could rule the world if I go the right way about it.”
“He was practicing away one evening when Gwendolen stormed in and shrieked a spell in his face. Cat found, to his dismay, that he was holding a large striped cat by the tail.”
“Gwendolen put out her hand at the same moment. She did not say anything. Neither did Mrs. Sharp. Both their hands stood still in the air. There was a feeling of fierce invisible struggle.”
“But once or twice, Cat found the odd spell lying about. Then he could not resist trying it. He would have liked to have had just a little of Gwendolen’s talent.”
″‘You’ve got a real talent for magic, dearie,’ she said, beaming at Gwendolen, ‘and I wouldn’t be doing my duty by you if I let it go to waste. We must see about a teacher for you right away.‘”
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