drowning Quotes

Seven of the best book quotes about drowning
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    “i am water
    soft enough
    to offer life
    tough enough
    to drown it away”
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    “The kindest words my father said to me
    Women like you drown oceans.”
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    “As a youngster I was frightened of the dark—used to wake up sobbing in it, as if it were water and I were drowning—but you will observe that I have disciplined myself so thoroughly against that fear, that I much prefer a dark to a lit room”
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    “This fevered hope had grown up again like a grain of mustard-seed during the quiet which followed the hasty conjecture that Troy was drowned.”
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    “Cath felt like she was swimming in words. Drowning in them, sometimes.”
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    “But the lake, your highness!” said the chamberlain, who, roused by the noise, came in, in his nightcap. “Go and drown yourself in it!” she said. This was the last rudeness of which the princess was ever guilty; and one must allow that she had good cause to feel provoked with the lord chamberlain.
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    “‘Please!’ Mahmoud cried. He sobbed with the effort of fighting off the man’s fingers and hanging onto the dinghy. ‘Please, take us with you!’
    ‘No! No room!’
    ‘At least take my sister!’ Mahmoud begged. ‘She’s a baby. She won’t take up any room!‘”