Harriet M. Welsh Quotes

Seven of the best book quotes from Harriet M. Welsh
“I’m glad I’m not perfect- I’d be bored to death.”
“Ole Golly says there is as many ways to live as there are people on the earth and I shouldn’t go round with blinders but should see every way I can. Then I’ll know what way I want to live and not just live like my family.”
“It was rigged, the whole thing, every year. There were no more nominations and then came the vote. Marion Hawthorne got it. Every year either Marion or Rachel Hennessey got it.”
“I feel all the same things when I do things alone as when Ole Golly was here. The bath feels hot, the bed feels soft, but I feel there’s a funny little hole in me that wasn’t there before, like a splinter in your finger, but this is somewhere above my stomach.”
“There is more to this thing of love than meets the eye... I think maybe they’re all right when they say there are some things I won’t know anything about until I’m older.”
“I will never forget that face as long as I live. Does everybody look that way when they have lost something? I don’t mean like losing a flashlight. I mean do people look like that when they have lost?”
“I’ll tell you one thing, I don’t want to live like Miss Whitehead. The other day I saw her in the grocery store and she bought one small can of tuna, one diet cola, and a package of cigarettes. Not even one tomato. She must have a terrible life.”
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