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    “If you base your identity on having friends, being accepted, and being popular, you may find yourself compromising your standards or changing them every weekend to accommodate your friends.”
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    “So often, in our quest to be more popular and to be part of the ‘in-group,’ we lose sight of things that are far more important . . .”
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    “Though I was probably the richest kid in school, I was by no means the most popular.”
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    “They’ll either want to kill you, kiss you, or be you.”
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    But, by careful observation from the sidelines, I’d worked out that social success is often built on pretending just a little. Popular people sometimes have to laugh at things they don’t find very funny, do things they don’t particularly want to, with people whose company they don’t particularly enjoy. Not me. I had decided, years ago, that if the choice was between that or flying solo, then I’d fly solo. It was safer that way.
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    “To be great is to be misunderstood.”
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    “The more popular you became, the more haters you acquired.”
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    “So now books were her only friends. She’d read Lord of the Rings so often she could recite whole scenes by memory.
    “It was not a skill that aided one in becoming popular.”
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    “Don’t try too hard to be cool. It always shows, and that’s uncool.”

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