Hugh 'Goch' Montogomery Quotes

Five of the best book quotes from Hugh 'Goch' Montogomery
″‘You have something there- an ill behaved puppy- that belongs to me. Pray you hand it over to my squire, for training.’ And the lazy voice replied, faintly drawling, ‘Let the Lord of Arundel forgive me, I fear I am something too busy.‘”
″ that instant, as the new Lord reined back a little, looking up at his inheritance, the thing happened. A very small thing, but it was to change Randal’s whole life. He dropped the half-eaten fig.”
“The gadfly that stings my wrist means no harm, I break it under my thumbnail, none the less.”
“If I can keep out of his way for a few days, he’ll forget all about it. And he did laugh- afterwards. Maybe he wasn’t so very angry after all, maybe it was just the sun that made his eyes look like that.”
“Hugh Goch’s face was white and thin under the flame of his hair, long-boned and almost delicate, but his eyes were the cold, inhuman, gold-rimmed eyes of a bird of prey, and looking into them, Randal was more afraid than he had ever been in his life before.”
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