belongings Quotes

Five of the best book quotes about belongings
“I live in trash can number 3. Grubby Alley. Every now and then I come back to find that someone has emptied all my belongings into a big truck and driven off with them.”
“Belong? Well, sir, you might say it belonged to the King of Spain, but I don’t see how you can honestly grant anybody else clear title to it—except by right of possession.”
“But now the police have found Johnny’s bicycle abandoned along with others belongings he would never let out of his sight. They want to know what Chris and Johnny did together, where they went and why.”
“Why, in exchange for you having blown up my belongings, I’m going to blow up yours and you all with it.”
″‘You have something there- an ill behaved puppy- that belongs to me. Pray you hand it over to my squire, for training.’ And the lazy voice replied, faintly drawling, ‘Let the Lord of Arundel forgive me, I fear I am something too busy.‘”
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