imaturity Quotes

Four of the best book quotes about imaturity
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    “Only a baby would have thought it really happened. Only a baby would believe that a tree—seriously, a tree—had walked down the hill and attacked the house.”
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    “Don’t be stupid,” he told himself. “You’re too old for monsters.”
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    “Nevertheless he persisted in his attitude. He brought home lead soldiers, he brought toy trains, he brought large pleasant animals made of cotton, and, to perfect the illusion which he was creating – for himself at least – he passionately demanded of the clerk in the toy-store whether “the paint would come off the pink duck if the baby put it in his mouth.”
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    “I went on Board in an evil Hour, the 1st of Sept. 1659, being the same Day eight Year that I went from my Father and Mother at Hull, in order to act the Rebel to their Authority, and the Fool to my own interest.”