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    “Our real discoveries come from chaos, from going to the place that looks wrong and stupid and foolish.”
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    “I found that the men most in repute were all but the most foolish; and that others less esteemed were really wiser and better.”
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    What was I doing up here anyway? Why did I let Finny talk me into stupid things like this? Was he getting some kind of hold over me?
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    “It is so beautiful, so exciting, this love, that I tremble on the verge of it, and offer, quite out of my own habit, to look for a brooch on a beach; also it is the stupidest, the most barbaric of human passions”
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    “After a war of about forty years, undertaken by the most stupid, maintained by the most dissolute, and terminated by the most timid of all the emperors, the far greater part of the island [of Britain] submitted to the Roman yoke.”
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    “I seemed forsooth too simple to perceive The serpent stealing on me in the dark.”
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    “All the history of human life has been a struggle between wisdom and stupidity.”
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    Because of the self-confidence with which he had spoken, no one could tell whether what he said was very clever or very stupid.
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    “Don’t be stupid,” he told himself. “You’re too old for monsters.”
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    “She pulled it out of the way and started to say sorry—but it was that stupid Asian kid, and he frowned when he saw that it was her.”
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    “Power is okay, and stupidity is usually harmless. Power and stupidity together are dangerous.”
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    “‘Attitudes aren’t so different in America,’ I told Francis. ‘You are probably right,’ he said. ‘But you see, a rich country like America can perhaps afford to be stupid.’”
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    ″‘I ain’t grouchy,’ Teft snapped. ‘I just have a low threshold for stupidity.‘”
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    “Do you think it’s stupid? [...] To fall in love.”
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    “In a world of thieves, the only final sin is stupidity.”
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    “People love getting into spats on the internet. Some people spend their whole lives doing it. The only people who object to ridicule and criticism are touchy, fragile celebrities and journalists with brittle egos who can’t cope with readers pointing out how biased and stupid they are.”
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    “I do stupid things when I’m nervous, which means I’m constantly doing stupid things.”
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    “We need that warm adult stupidity. Even knowing the illusion, we cry and hide in their laps, speaking only of defiled lollipops or lost bears, and getting lollipop or a toy bear’d worth of comfort.”
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    “I entered Excessive Modesty Mode. Nothing is stupider and more ineffective than Excessive Modesty Mode. It is a mode in which you show that you’re modest by arguing with someone who is trying to compliment you. Essentially, you are going out of your way to try to convince someone that you’re a jerk.”
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    “But since in fact we see that avarice, anger, envy, pride, sloth, lust and stupidity commonly profit far beyond humility, chastity, fortitude, justice and thought, and have to choose, to be human at all... why then perhaps we /must/ stand fast a little --even at the risk of being heroes.”
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    “Do you think you can so easily erase our history? Are you so stupid that you think that we will forget what it said?”
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    “In order really to live, you must photograph as much as you can, and to photograph as much as you can you must either live in the most photographable way possible, or else consider photographable every moment of your life. The first course leads to stupidity; the second to madness.”
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    “On a scale from one to ‘invade Russia in winter,’ how stupid is this plan?”
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    “No, the old proverb does not lie: Look for the brave in prison, and the stupid among the political leaders! ”
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    “Nobody likes to see a stupid guy wise up.”
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    “Yet still he called stupidly, as if an incantation could bring back the dead: “Hello Frank…Hello Frank…Can you read me?”
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