Imogene Herdman Quotes

Six of the best book quotes from Imogene Herdman
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    As far as anyone could tell, Imogene was just like the rest of the Herdmans. She never learned anything either, except dirty words and secrets about everybody.
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    “What was the matter with Joseph that he didn’t tell them? Her pregnant and everything.”
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    “I’ve got the baby here,” Imogene barked at the Wise Men. “Don’t touch him! I named him Jesus.”
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    [E]veryone sang “Silent Night,” including the audience. We sang all the verses too, and when we got to “Son of God, Love’s pure light” I happened to look at Imogene and I almost dropped my hymn book on a baby angel. Everyone had been waiting all this time for the Herdmans to do something absolutely unexpected. And sure enough, that was what happened. Imogene Herdman was crying. In the candlelight her face was all shiny with tears and she didn’t even bother to wipe them away. She just sat there—awful old Imogene—in her crookedy veil, crying and crying and crying.
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    “Oil! What kind of a cheap king hands out oil for a present? You get better presents from the firemen!”
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    But I knew—I’d heard Imogene Herdman telling Alice what would happen to her if she dared to volunteer: all the ordinary, everyday Herdman-things like clonking you on the head, and drawing pictures all over your homework papers, and putting worms in your coat pocket.

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