Kaoru Yamazaki Quotes

Seven of the best book quotes from Kaoru Yamazaki
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    “A drama has a progressive thought, an emotional climax and a resolution, but our lives aren’t like that. All we get day after day, are a bunch of vague anxieties that are never really resolved.”
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    “Feelings of romantic love are, in the end, just some chemical reaction. Under the right conditions, they occur no matter who the other person is.”
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    “I didn’t really understand Yamazaki’s anger, but becoming furious allowed him to put off thinking about these problems . . . I decided to follow his example and just avoid reality for the time being.”
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    “No matter how depressed you are or how much pain you’re in, you have to return to your routine, daily life.”
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    “Don’t let the world beat you down Sato.”
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    “Those who believe will be saved! We must make something we ourselves can believe in order to bring meaning to our lives!”
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    “Our reason and instinct are in opposition, but we can’t get rid of either one.”

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