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20 of the best book quotes from Welcome to the N.H.K.
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    “Important things break right away . . . It doesn’t matter what the thing is, but it will break. That’s why, from the beginning, it’s better not to need anything.”
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    “A drama has a progressive thought, an emotional climax and a resolution, but our lives aren’t like that. All we get day after day, are a bunch of vague anxieties that are never really resolved.”
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    “Being alone is best. I mean, it’s true, isn’t it? In the end you’ll be absolutely alone; therefore, being alone is natural.”
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    “People who neglect to make efforts or who don’t take any actions at all are always the ones who dream that someday they will suddenly become wildly successful.”
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    “Feelings of romantic love are, in the end, just some chemical reaction. Under the right conditions, they occur no matter who the other person is.”
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    “There’s a sense of security that comes from speaking badly of someone else. But that isn’t true salvation.”
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    “I didn’t really understand Yamazaki’s anger, but becoming furious allowed him to put off thinking about these problems . . . I decided to follow his example and just avoid reality for the time being.”
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    “It’s natural for a person to deny he’s a failure as a human being.”
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    “No matter how depressed you are or how much pain you’re in, you have to return to your routine, daily life.”
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    “Don’t let the world beat you down Sato.”
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    “Because of our broken instincts, we are in pain. We continue living in pain, because our instincts have been twisted by reason.”
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    “A normal life within society would be impossible for someone like me.”

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    “If you don’t see her, you won’t fall in love. If you don’t fall in love, you won’t get hurt.”
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    “I shut myself in because I’m lonely. Because I don’t want to face any more loneliness.”
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    “For better or for worse, we ate the fruit of knowledge long, long ago.”
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    “Those who believe will be saved! We must make something we ourselves can believe in order to bring meaning to our lives!”
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    “Our reason and instinct are in opposition, but we can’t get rid of either one.”
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    “No human beings, regardless of who they might be, want to look directly at their own shortcomings.”
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    “According to the results of my research, not just hikikomori, but all emotional problems are caused by an inability to conform to one’s environment. Basically, because you can’t get along well with the world, various difficulties arise.”
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    “Without the assurance of food, clothing and shelter, unless you’re prepared to die, there’s no other way but to work.”
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