Kathy O'Brien Quotes

Eight of the best book quotes from Kathy O'Brien
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    “If you don’t testify, you’ll just make the tie between you and King stronger in the mind of the jury. I think you have to testify. And the way you spend the rest of your youth might well depend on how much the jury believes you.”
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    “Let me get this straight, Mr. Zinzi. You’d buy stolen goods for profit, rat on somebody to save your own hide, but you’re too good to lie. Is that right?”
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    “Cases are won on closing arguments only on television, not in a real courtroom.”
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    “Miss O’Brien looked at me—I didn’t see her looking at me but I knew she was. She wanted to know who I was. Who was Steve Harmon?”
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    “If [the jury] sees it as a contest between the defense and the prosecution as to who’s lying, they’ll vote for the prosecution. The prosecutor walks around looking very important. No one is accusing her of being a bad person. They’re accusing you of being a monster. They jury can ask itself, Why should the prosecutor lie?”
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    I thought you you’re supposed to be innocent until you’re proven guilty?
    That’s true, but in reality it depends on how the jury sees the case.”
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    ″[Steve] is writing the word Monster over and over again. A white hand (O’BRIEN’s) takes the pencil from his hand and crosses out all the Monsters.”
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    “She gathers her papers and moves away as STEVE, arms still outstretched, turns toward the camera. His image is in black and white, and the grain is nearly broken. It looks like one of the pictures they use for psychological testing, or some strange beast, a monster.”