Kay Harker Quotes

Five of the best book quotes from Kay Harker
“As they stared at the picture, it seemed to glow and to open, and to become not a picture but the mountain itself.”
“When Wolves Run it betides to know, Master Harker,′ he said. ‘And I do bless you. But Time and Tide and Buttered Eggs wait for no man.‘”
“Oh, the usual sort of pistols: revolvers: she got a lot of them from a robber once. She’s sure to have them still. She says she couldn’t live without pistols now.”
“Darkness was already closing in. There was a kind of glare in the evil heaven.”
“It seemed to the children that the ceiling above them opened into a forest in a tropical night: they could see giant trees, with the stars in their boughs and fireflies gleaming out and ceasing to gleam among the lower sprays.”
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