John Masefield Quotes

Eight of the best book quotes from John Masefield
″‘If you keep looking out for fun,’ the old man said, ‘you will see the Wolves as like as not. Or won’t you?‘”
“As they stared at the picture, it seemed to glow and to open, and to become not a picture but the mountain itself.”
″‘Christmas ought to be brought up to date,’ Maria said; ‘it ought to have gangsters, and aeroplanes and a lot of automatic pistols.‘”
“When Wolves Run it betides to know, Master Harker,′ he said. ‘And I do bless you. But Time and Tide and Buttered Eggs wait for no man.‘”
“Oh, the usual sort of pistols: revolvers: she got a lot of them from a robber once. She’s sure to have them still. She says she couldn’t live without pistols now.”
“Darkness was already closing in. There was a kind of glare in the evil heaven.”
″‘In my box,’ the old man said, ‘that I carry about with me, I’ve other delights besides my show.‘”
“It seemed to the children that the ceiling above them opened into a forest in a tropical night: they could see giant trees, with the stars in their boughs and fireflies gleaming out and ceasing to gleam among the lower sprays.”
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