running out of time Quotes

Five of the best book quotes about running out of time
“New Year’s resolutions were not things to be taken lightly. It seemed to Joel that a New Year’s resolution unkept might turn out to be a New Year’s threat. Time was up at midnight. The sands of time had run out.”
“We no longer have time to atomize principles and beg the question. We fill too many gutters while we argue unimportant points and confuse issues.”
“When Wolves Run it betides to know, Master Harker,′ he said. ‘And I do bless you. But Time and Tide and Buttered Eggs wait for no man.‘”
“We’ll have time to do a little sleuthing before closing time. Let’s go!”
“The boys, who had had no time to prepare any homework, reminded their father that a note from him to the principal would be a great help.”
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