locked Quotes

Four of the best book quotes about locked
“When people like me, they like me “in spite of my color.” When they dislike me; they point out that it isn’t because of my color. Either way, I am locked in to the infernal circle.”
“The genius of the current caste system, and what most distinguishes it from its predecessors, is that it appears voluntary. People choose to commit crimes, and that’s why they are locked up or locked out, we are told. This feature makes the politics of responsibility particularly tempting, as it appears the system can be avoided with good behavior. But herein lies the trap.”
“Then Mum was outside the door, holding Annie Rose, and Alfie was inside with the shopping. Mum’s key was inside too. ‘Open the door, Alfie,’ said Mum. But Alfie didn’t know how to open the door from the inside.”
” ‘Go and fetch your little chair from the sitting room and then you’ll be able to reach the catch,’ said Mum. But Alfie didn’t try to fetch his little chair. He just went on crying, louder and louder, and Annie Rose cried louder and louder too.”
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