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12 of the best book quotes about inside
“Some wrens had made a nest inside a flowerpot. It looked very cosy. ‘I should sleep in one of those!’ said Kipper. But Kipper would not fit inside a flowerpot.”
“Then Mum was outside the door, holding Annie Rose, and Alfie was inside with the shopping. Mum’s key was inside too. ‘Open the door, Alfie,’ said Mum. But Alfie didn’t know how to open the door from the inside.”
“The little plane flew beautifully and the first time they passed the trap door Little Bear was able to push the lid open with his paintbrush. Then Rabbit circled the plane again, this time very close to the hole. Little Bear grabbed the edge and with a mighty heave he pulled himself inside.”
“Grandpa found Stina sitting on a rock, crying. ‘I came out to see the storm,’ she said. ‘But I don’t like it.’ Grandpa picked her up and hugged her. ‘Dear child,’ he said, ‘this is no way to see a storm You’re soaking wet and so am I. Let’s go inside and start all over again.’ “
“This was all Claudia needed. Something that had been smoldering inside her since she first saw the statue, that had been fed by the Times article, now flared into an idea.”
“This is the house that Jack built. This is the malt that lay in the house that Jack built”
“Hunger. It’s like an animal trapped inside you.”
“Bad Harry said, ‘Now we made the trifle look so untidy, no one else will want any, so we may as well eat it all up’. So they dug away into the spongy inside of the trifle and found lots of nice fruit bits inside. It was a very big trifle,but those greedy children ate and ate.”
“Everything was delicious- outside and inside him. Nothing to dread anymore- no doors closed in his mind against thoughts and fears that made him sicken and tremble- it was all good, the sun, the water, Flicka, his father- ”
“She paused to watch some sea gulls having breakfast. They were dropping mussels down on a rock to crack the mussel shells, just like nuts. Then they flew down to eat the insides.”
“It stood by a high, white wall. Inside this wall were many lovely green apple trees, on which were growing many lovely red apples. The apple trees were owned by a proud, grand man called Sir Laxton Superb.”
“ ‘There is a lovely feeling about Christmas Eve,’ Pauline said. ‘My inside almost hurts being excited; I can’t sit still for wishing it was tomorrow.’ ”
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