Magistrate Quotes

Three of the best book quotes from Magistrate
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    Lysistrata: “Well, what did you expect? Did you think you were going up against a bunch of slave girls? Or did you think women lack gall?”
    Magistrate: “Oh yes, they’ve got plenty of that, provided there’s a wine bar nearby.”
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    Magistrate: “If you hadn’t shut up you’d have got a beating!”
    Lysistrata: “Well, that’s why I did shut up—then. But later on we began to hear about even worse decisions you’d made, and then we would ask, ‘Husband, how come you’re handling this so stupidly?’ And right away he’d glare at me and tell me to get back to my sewing if I didn’t want major damage to my head: ‘War shall be the business of menfolk,’ unquote.”
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    Magistrate: “You’ll manage the money?”
    Lysistrata: “What’s so strange about that? Don’t we manage the household finances for you already?”
    Magistrate: “That’s different.”
    Lysistrata: “How so?”
    Magistrate: “These are war funds!”