mysoginistic Quotes

Five of the best book quotes about mysoginistic
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    Lysistrata: “Well, what did you expect? Did you think you were going up against a bunch of slave girls? Or did you think women lack gall?”
    Magistrate: “Oh yes, they’ve got plenty of that, provided there’s a wine bar nearby.”
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    Women’s Leader: “I’ll rip out your lungs and your guts with my fangs.”
    Men’s Leader: “No poet’s wiser than Euripides: as he says, no beast exists so shameless as womankind!”
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    “It’s shocking, you know, that they’re lecturing the citizens now, and running their mouths—mere women!—about brazen shields. And to top it off they’re trying to make peace between us and the men of Sparta, who are no more trustworthy than a starving wolf.”
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    “If any man among us gives these women even the tiniest handhold, there’s no limit to what their nimble hands will do. Why, they’ll even be building frigates and launching naval attacks, cruising against us like Artemisia.”
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    “If you live long enough, you’ll get many surprises, yes sir! Well, Strymodorus, who in the world ever thought we’d hear that women, the blatant nuisance we’ve reared in our homes,now control the Sacred Image and occupy my Acropolis, And to top it all, with bolts and bars close off the citadel gates?”