Mahmoud Bishara Quotes

Six of the best book quotes from Mahmoud Bishara
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    “‘Please!’ Mahmoud cried. He sobbed with the effort of fighting off the man’s fingers and hanging onto the dinghy. ‘Please, take us with you!’
    ‘No! No room!’
    ‘At least take my sister!’ Mahmoud begged. ‘She’s a baby. She won’t take up any room!‘”
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    “Whether you were visible or invisible, it was all about how other people reacted to you. Good and bad things happened either way. If you were invisible, the bad people couldn’t hurt you, that was true. But the good people couldn’t help you, either.”
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    “You’re still alive, and so is your little sister, somewhere. I know it. You saved her. And together we’ll find her, yes? I promise. We’ll find her and bring her home.”
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    ″‘We’re not criminals!’ one of the other men in the cell yelled at him.
    ‘We didn’t ask for civil war! We didn’t want to leave our homes!’ another man yelled.
    ‘We’re refugees!’ Mahmoud yelled, unable to stay silent any longer. ‘We need help!‘”
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    “The vacationers dropped their voices, and even though Mahmoud couldn’t understand what they were saying, he could hear the disgust in their words. This wasn’t what the tourists had paid for. They were supposed to be on holiday, seeing ancient ruins and beautiful Greek beaches, not stepping over filthy, praying refugees.
    They only see us when we do something they don’t want us to do, Mahmoud realized.”
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    ″‘I see rocks!’ someone at the front of the dinghy yelled, and there was a loud POOM! like a bomb exploding, and Mahmoud went tumbling into the sea.”