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11 of the best book quotes about visible
“I am visible-see this Indian face-yet I am invisible. I both blind them with my beak nose and am their blind spot. But I exist, we exist. They’d like to think I have melted in the pot. But I haven’t. We haven’t.”
“‘We all bear scars, Dorian. Mine just happen to be more visible than most.’”
“Though the visible whole has come out from that Invisible Whole, yet the Whole remains unaltered.”
“As more and more footage rolls, showing the marble façade of the courthouse explode into dust or a diamondglass wall withstanding a fireball, part of me feels happy. The Silvers are not invincible. They have enemies, enemies who can hurt them, and for once, they aren’t hiding behind a Red shield.”
“Whether you were visible or invisible, it was all about how other people reacted to you. Good and bad things happened either way. If you were invisible, the bad people couldn’t hurt you, that was true. But the good people couldn’t help you, either.”
“She is so lost in her sadness that she has no idea how visible it is.”
“She looked into this book and she looked into that. There was magic for thin and magic for fat, and magic for tall and magic for small, but the magic she was looking for wasn’t there at all.”
“From that time onwards, Hush was visible. But once a year, on her birthday, she and Grandma Poss ate a Vegemite sandwich, a piece of pavlova and half a lamington, just to make sure that Hush stayed visible forever. And she did.”
“Hush breathed deeply and began to eat. ‘A tail! A tail!’ shouted both possums at once. For there it was. A brand new, visible tail!”
“Grandma Poss held her breath - and waited. ‘It’s worked! It’s worked!’ she cried. And she was right. Hush could be seen from head to tail. Grandma Poss hugged Hush, and they both danced ‘Here We Go Round Lamington Plate’ till early in the morning.”
″‘But you begin to realize now,’ said the Invisible Man, ‘the full disadvantage of my condition. I had no shelter, no covering. To get clothing was to forgo all my advantage, to make of myself a strange and terrible thing. I was fasting; for to eat, to fill myself with unassimilated matter, would be to become grotesquely visible again.‘”
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