Mark (Half Magic) Quotes

Three of the best book quotes from Mark (Half Magic)
“The children never went to the country or lake in the summer, the way their friends did, because their father was dead and their mother worked very hard on the newspaper, the one almost nobody on the block took.”
″‘The thing is,’ Mark went on, ‘was it just an accident, or did we want so much to be magic we got that way, somehow? The thing is, each of us ought to make a wish. That’ll prove it one way or the other.‘”
“The nonfiction books he tried were mostly called things like “When I Was a Boy in Greece,” or “Happy Days on the Prairie”—things that made them sound like stories, only they weren’t. They made Mark furious. ‘It’s being made to learn things not on purpose. It’s unfair,’ he said. ‘It’s sly’”
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