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Five of the best book quotes about furious
“At the railway station, the guard was about to wave his flag for the train to leave. As he lifted his arm in the air, Mr Tickle tickled him. And every time he tried to wave his flag, Mr Tickle tickled him until the train was ten minutes late leaving the station and all the passengers were furious.”
“Yes. It was quite quiet really....′ Meggie replied, confused. She looked from Mr. to Mrs. Hadley and back again. Mrs. Hadley was watching her intently. What was going on? The temperature in the garden had dropped by several degrees and despite his smiles. Mr Hadley was obviously furious at something -or someone. Meggie swallowed hard. Had she done something wrong. She didn’t think so, but God only knew that being around Crosses was like walking on eggshells.”
“This time, Winnie was furious. She picked up her magic wand, waved it five times and .... Abracadabra! Wilbur had a read head, a yellow body, a pink rail, blue whiskers, and four purple legs. But his eyes were still green.”
“The nonfiction books he tried were mostly called things like “When I Was a Boy in Greece,” or “Happy Days on the Prairie”—things that made them sound like stories, only they weren’t. They made Mark furious. ‘It’s being made to learn things not on purpose. It’s unfair,’ he said. ‘It’s sly’”
“A trick that everyone abhors In Little Girls is slamming Doors A Wealthy Banker’s Little Daughter Who lived in Palace Green, Bayswater (By name Rebecca Offendort) Was given to this Furious Sport.”
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