Olana Mansdaughter Quotes

Four of the best book quotes from Olana Mansdaughter
“The victorious girl will be introduced to the prince as the academy princess, and she will wear this dress and dance the first dance. His bride will still be his to choose, but the academy princess is sure to make a significant impression.”
“This little girl is giving me an opportunity to illustrate the consequences of rule breaking. Even the prince’s cousins are punished when they choose to misbehave, though I think I’ll employ slightly different methods for you.”
″‘I was mistaken. Six of the books are yours to keep. You certainly excelled in Commerce.’ Miri suspected Olana was being generous, but she did not argue. She selected six books and hugged them to her chest. They felt like the most valuable things in the world, better than a little gold coin, better than a wagon full of linder.”
“Olana paused, and expression of disgust crawling over her face. ‘What a stench! Do you people live with goats?‘”
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