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    “But Mr. Fox was too clever for them. He always approached a farm with the wind blowing in his face, and this meant that if any man were lurking in the shadows ahead, the wind would carry the smell of that man to Mr. Fox’s nose from far away.”
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    “The Underlanders hadn’t been rude when they’d wanted him to bathe. They had been trying to keep him alive!”
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    “I guess I had never bothered to consider that there might such a thing as a boy, but now that I had found one, I thought it was just about the most wonderful concept in the world. He smelled of mud and sugar and an animal I’d never scented before, and a faint meaty odor clung to his fingers, so I licked them.”
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    “Whatever a guidebook says, whether or not you leave somewhere with a sense of the place is entirely a matter of smell and instinct.”
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    “He was conscious of a thousand odours floating in the air, each one connected with a thousand thoughts, and hopes, and joys, and cares long, long, forgotten!”
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    “You know how you can tell when you’re getting close to one? The smell. You can smell a town from miles away. It smells like smoke. And raw sewage.”
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    “Perfume is the soul of the flower, and sea-flowers have no soul.”
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    “They smell like licorice! And cheese!”
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    “Caddy smelled like trees and like when she says we were asleep.”
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    “I couldn’t feel the gate at all, but I could smell the bright cold.”
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    “It used to disturb me at first. I thought seriously of burning the house—to reach the smell. But now I am used to it. The only thing I can think of that it is like is the color of the paper! A yellow smell.”
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    “She closed the book and put her cheek against it. There was still an odor of a library on it, of dust, leather, binding glue, and old paper, one book carrying the smell of hundreds.”
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    “There was a cold night smell in the chapel. But it was a holy smell. It was not like the smell of the old peasants who knelt at the back of the chapel at Sunday mass. That was a smell of air and rain and turf and corduroy. But they were very holy peasants. They breathed behind him on his neck and sighed as they prayed.”
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    “He could smell her crackling white apron and the faint flavour of toast that always hung about her so deliciously.”
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    “Olana paused, and expression of disgust crawling over her face. ‘What a stench! Do you people live with goats?‘”
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    “It smelled like the country. It was a filet mignon farm, all of it, and the tissue spread for miles around the paths where we were walking. It was like these huge hedges of red all around us, with these beautiful marble patterns running through them. They had these tubes, they were bringing the tissue blood, and we could see the blood running around, up and down. It was really interesting. I like to see how things are made, and to understand where they come from.”
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    “The odor of burning juniper is the sweetest fragrance on the face of the earth, in my honest judgment.”
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