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Five of the best book quotes about excelling
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    ″Why spend your life making only enough money to end up with not enough money? Why work out in the gym only once a week, just to get sore and never see a change in your body type? Why get merely ‘good’ at something when you know the marketplace only rewards excellence? Why work eight hours a day at a job where no one recognizes you when you could be a superstar—and perhaps even run or own the place? All these examples require energy. Only your 10X targets really pay off! ″
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    “The best students from mediocre schools were almost always a better bet than good students from the very best schools.”
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    ″‘I was mistaken. Six of the books are yours to keep. You certainly excelled in Commerce.’
    Miri suspected Olana was being generous, but she did not argue. She selected six books and hugged them to her chest. They felt like the most valuable things in the world, better than a little gold coin, better than a wagon full of linder.”
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    “Athletes and musicians may not enjoy practicing long hours, but they do so just the same; not out of duty, obligation, or any other form of self-manipulation, but because they are making secondary choices consistent with their primary choice to be able to perform music or excel at sports.”
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    “God didn’t create you to be average. You were created to excel. You have everything. ”