Rooster Cogburn Quotes

Five of the best book quotes from Rooster Cogburn
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    “You can’t rob a thief, can you? I never robbed no citizens.”
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    “I don’t like this kind of talk. It is like women talking.”
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    “See that you mend your ways, boy, or I will come back some dark night and cut off your head and let the crows peck your eyeballs out.”
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    “I have left off crying, and giggling as well. […] Here is the money. I aim to get Tom Chaney and if you are not game I will find somebody who is game. I know you can drink whiskey and I have seen you kill a gray rat. All the rest has been talk. They told me you had true grit and that is why I came to you. I am not paying for talk.”
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    “LaBoeuf said, ‘There is something in what she says, Cogburn. I think she has done fine myself. She has won her spurs, so to speak. That is just my personal opinion.’ ”