seriousness Quotes

Five of the best book quotes about seriousness
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    “JUDGE: Murder in the first degree—premeditated homicide—is the most serious charge in our criminal courts.”
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    “Cynthia was depressive; Polly and Georgina were schizophrenic; I had a character disorder. Sometimes they called it a personality disorder. When I got my diagnosis it didn’t sound serious, but after a while it sounded more ominous than other people’s. I imagined my character as a plate or shirt that had been manufactured incorrectly and was therefore useless.”
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    “I still fly a lot in my dreams, she told us, but I try to stay close to the ground. At my age, a fall can be pretty serious.”
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    “It was all completely serious, all completely hallucinated, all completely happy.”
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    “We cannot play games well when it comes to this love: and this is how we shall win.”