shrinking Quotes

Five of the best book quotes about shrinking
“I felt myself shrinking to a small black dot [...] I felt like a hole in the ground.”
“It’s quite simple,” my grandmother said. “All they’ve done is to shrink you and give you four legs and a furry coat, but they haven’t been able to change you into a one hundred percent mouse. You are still yourself in everything except your appearance.”
“ ‘I’m shrinking. Getting smaller,’ said Treehorn. ‘If you want to pretend you’re shrinking, that’s all right,’ said Treehorn’s mother, ‘as long as you don’t do it at the table.’ “
“While the bear slept he gradually began to grow smaller. Inch by inch and little by little Bruce dwindled away. He kept shrinking and shriveling until he was down to the size of a possum. And still he kept shrinking, When the diminishing spell was finally finished the bear had dwindled all the way down to the size of a chipmunk.”
“While the idea of a woman shrinking to the size of a pepperpot is exciting in itself, I don’t think the story needed the added embellishments of her voicing being powerful enough to force the sun to shine and the clouds to create rain.”
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