Grandmamma Quotes

Six of the best book quotes from Grandmamma
“I couldn’t believe my grandmother would be lying to me. She went to church every morning of the week and she said grace before every meal, and somebody who did that would never tell lies. I was beginning to believe every word she spoke. ”
“I know I’m not a boy any longer and I never will be again, but I’ll be quite all right as long as there’s always you to look after me.”
“It’s quite simple,” my grandmother said. “All they’ve done is to shrink you and give you four legs and a furry coat, but they haven’t been able to change you into a one hundred percent mouse. You are still yourself in everything except your appearance.”
“But Grandmamma,” I said, “if nobody has ever seen The Grand High Witch, how can you be so sure she exists?” My grandmother gave me a long and very severe look. “Nobody has ever seen the Devil,” she said, “but we know he exists.”
″ ‘Grandmamma, what great arms you have got!’ ‘That is the better to hug thee, my dear’ ‘Grandmama, what great legs you have got!’ ‘That is to run the better, my child’ ‘Grandmamma, what great ears you have got!’ ‘That is to hear the better, my child’ ‘Grandmamma, what great eyes you have got!’ ‘It is to see the better, my child’. ”
“When George’s Grandmamma was told That George had been as good as Gold, She Promised in the Afternoon To buy him an Immense BALLOON, And so she; but when it came, It got into the candle flame, And being of a dangerous sort Exploded with a loud report!”
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