smart enough Quotes

Three of the best book quotes about smart enough
“There. She has shopped.That went well. Now she just has to go back the same way. The bag is rather big to carry. It is also rather heavy. A big, heavy bag -now everyone call really see that she has been shopping. What an incredibly heavy bag! And so big! Why did she have to buy such a heavy bag? Silly Grandma.”
“Molly holds Grandma’s coin purse in her hand. Everyone will be able to tell she’s going shopping. Not everyone is smart enough to go shopping. There are a lot of ladies in the store. Once in a while a new lady comes in, and some of the old ladies leave. No one sees Molly. ”
“Molly is old enough and smart enough to do things on her own, like shopping. When her grandmother sends her to the store for beans, Molly forgets what she’s supposed to buy and gets potatoes instead. When her grandmother asks Molly what happened, Molly tells her that the clerk insisted that she buy the potatoes.”
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