Stacey Logan Quotes

Four of the best book quotes from Stacey Logan
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    “Then if you want something and it’s a good thing and you got it in the right way, you better hang on to it and don’t let nobody talk you out of it. You care what a lot of useless people say ‘bout you you’ll never get anywhere, ‘cause there’s a lotta folks don’t want you to make it. You understand what I’m telling you?”
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    “Friends gotta trust each other, Stacey, ‘cause ain’t nothin’ like a true friend.”
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    “In this house we do not give away what loved ones give to us. Now go bring me that coat.”
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    “Maybe one day whites and blacks can be real friends, but right now the country ain’t built that way . . . The trouble is, down here in Mississippi, it costs too much to find out . . . So I think you’d better not try.”