Titus Andronicus Quotes

Seven of the best book quotes from Titus Andronicus
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    “Is not my sorrow deep, having no bottom?”
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    “These words are razors to my wounded heart.”
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    “I will restore to thee
    The people’s hearts, and wean them from themselves.”
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    “I’ll find a day to massacre them all,
    And raze their faction and their family,
    The cruel father and his traitorous sons,
    To whom I sued for my dear son’s life;
    And make them know what ‘tis to let a queen
    Kneel in the streets and beg for grace in vain.”
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    “Why, foolish Lucius, dost thou not perceive
    That Rome is but a wilderness of tigers?”
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    “My foes I do repute you every one;
    So trouble me no more, but get you gone.”
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    ″‘Tis well, Lavinia, that thou hast no hands;
    For hands to do Rome service is but vain.”