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“Every blessing ignored becomes a curse.”
“Love can be a terrible curse, Eragon. It can make you overlook even the largest flaws in a person’s behavior.”
“You taught me language, and my profit on ’t Is I know how to curse. The red plague rid you For learning me your language! ”
“Supposedly, he had a great-great-grandfather who had stolen a pig from a one-legged Gypsy, and she put a curse on him and all his descendants. Stanley and his parents didn’t believe in curses, of course, but whenever anything went wrong, it felt good to be able to blame someone.”
“A lot of people don’t believe in curses. A lot of people don’t believe in yellow-spotted lizards either, but if one bites you, it doesn’t make a difference whether you believe in it or not.”
“Life was not easy. Elya worked hard, but bad luck seemed to follow him everywhere. He always seemed to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. He remembered Madame Zeroni telling him that she had a son in America. Elya was forever looking for him. He’d walk up to complete strangers and ask if they knew someone named Zeroni, or had ever heard of anyone named Zeroni. No one did. Elya wasn’t sure what he’d do if he ever found Madame Zeroni’s son anyway. Carry him up a mountain and sing the pig lullaby to him?”
″‘Five days!’ Nate exclaimed. ‘Breaking a curse is no small matter,’ Mozag said. ‘Five days with greenish skin is a small price to pay. While you’re waiting, help yourself to the sardines.‘”
“But it’s our curse and our blessing to remember the past and to know there’s a future.”
“Supposedly, he had a great-great-grandfather who had stolen a pig from a one-legged Gypsy, and she put a curse on him and all his descendants. Stanley and his parents didn’t believe in curses, of course, but whenever anything went wrong, it felt good to be able to blame someone.”
“Madame Zeroni warned that if he failed to do this, he and his descendants would be doomed for all of eternity. At the time, Elya thought nothing of the curse. He was just a fifteen-year-old kid, and “eternity” didn’t seem much longer than a week from Tuesday. Besides, he liked Madame Zeroni and would be glad to carry her up the mountain.”
“Stanley’s mother insists that there never was a curse. She even doubts whether Stanley’s great-great-grandfather really stole a pig. The reader might find it interesting, however, that Stanley’s father invented his cure for foot odor the day after the great-great-grandson of Elya Yelnats carried the great-great-great-grandson of Madame Zeroni up the mountain.”
“If you forget to come back for Madame Zeroni, you and your family will be cursed for always and eternity.”
“So many black families spend all of their time trying to fix the problems of the past. That is the curse of being black and poor, and it is a curse that follows you from generation to generation. My mother calls it ‘the black tax.’ Because the generations who came before you have been pillaged, rather than being free to use your skills and education to move forward, you lose everything just trying to bring everyone behind you back up to zero.”
“The basic difference between an ordinary man and a warrior is that a warrior takes everything as a challenge while an ordinary man takes everything as a blessing or a curse.”
“Your evil bird blinded me!” he cried. “For that I curse you! I will see you dead! And you, Narciso, I swear to kill you!”
“I can testify, from my own experience and observation, that slavery is a curse to the whites as well as to the blacks.”
“Thou thyself art thine own bane.”
“But surely the curse was on the land of Oz, not on her.”
“A blight is on our harvest in the ear, A blight upon the grazing flocks and herds, A blight on wives in travail; and withal Armed with his blazing torch the God of Plague Hath swooped upon our city emptying The house of Cadmus, and the murky realm Of Pluto is full fed with groans and tears.”
“Not for some far-off kinsman, but myself, Shall I expel this poison in the blood; For whoso slew that king might have a mind To strike me too with his assassin hand.”
“Wretch, may he pine in utter wretchedness!”
“Thus then I answer: since thou hast not spared To twit me with my blindness—thou hast eyes, Yet see’st not in what misery thou art fallen.”
“Die then, and love the dead if thou must; No woman shall be the master while I live.”
“‘Hello? Aziraphale! For Go—, for Sa—, for somebody’s sake! Aziraphale!‘”
“O, cursed be the hand that made these holes; Cursed the heart that had the heart to do it; Cursed the blood that let this blood from hence.”
“Thy friends suspect for traitors while thou liv’st, And take deep traitors for thy dearest friends. No sleep close up that deadly eye of thine, Unless it be while some tormenting dream Affrights thee with a hell of ugly devils. Thou elvish-marked, abortive, rooting hog, Thou that wast sealed in thy nativity The slave of nature and the son of hell. Thou slander of thy heavy mother’s womb. Thou loathed issue of thy father’s loins. Thou rag of honour, thou detested—”
“You will produce what you say. If you want to know what you will be like five years from now, just listen to what you are saying about yourself. With our words we can either bless our futures or we can curse our futures.”
“Would thou were shipp’d to hell Rather than rob me of the people’s hearts!”
“My foes I do repute you every one; So trouble me no more, but get you gone.”
″ I am black, not because of a curse, but because my skin has been able to capture all the cosmic effluvia. I am truly a drop of sun under the earth.”
“I understand enough. [...] I understand that Jace trusted you and you traded him away to a man who hated his father and probably hates Jace, too, just because you’re too cowardly to live with a curse you deserved.”
“I pray God will curse the writer, as the writer has cursed the world with this beautiful, stupendous creation, terrible in its simplicity, irresistible in its truth--a world which now trembles before the King in Yellow.”
“Because, he thought, if the scanner sees only darkly, the way I myself do, then we are cursed, cursed again and like we have been continually, and we’ll wind up dead this way, knowing very little and getting that little fragment wrong too.”
“Medea: Oh, what misery! … Cursed sons, and a mother for cursing! Death take you all – you and your father … Nurse: Why make the sons share in their father’s guilt?”
“To those human beings who are of any concern to me I wish suffering, desolation, sickness, ill-treatment, indignities - I wish that they should not remain unfamiliar with profound self-contempt, the torture of self-mistrust, the wretchedness of the vanquished.”
“ can cry until there’s nothing wet in you. You can scream and curse to where your throat rebels and ruptures. You can pray, all you want, to whatever god you think will listen. And, still it makes no difference. It goes on, with no sign as to when it might release you. And you know that if it ever did would not be because it cared.”
“He would cast off his ugliness only if he could kill the son whom Madam Mouserinks had borne after the death of her seven sons with their heads, and if he could win a lady’s heart in spite of his ugliness. ”
“Unfortunately, he discovered that the larger she grew the more hideous she would be, and he could think of no remedy for it. ”
“Oh, cursed fate! A fraction of a moment later, young Drosselmeier was as ugly as Princess Pirlipat had been. His shrunken body could hardly support the monstrously swollen head with the big protuberant eyes and the wide, hideously yawning mouth. ”
“The astronomer gazed at the stars and, with the help of Drosselmeier, who was also versed in such matters, drew up Princess Pirlipat’s horoscope. This was no easy matter, for the lines of her destiny crisscrossed and tangles, but at last-oh joy!- as last it was revealed that all Princess Pirlipat had to do to throw off the spell that had made her ugly and to recover her beauty was to eat the sweet kernel of the nut Krakatuk.”
“He put it between his teeth, gave his ponytail a good tug, and --crack, crack-- broke the shell into many pieces. Adroitly removing a few fibers from the kernel, he handed it to the princess with a low bow, closed his eyes, and took a step backward. The princess swallowed the kernel, and wonder of wonders!”
“Mrs. Fibonacci has obviously put a math curse on me. Everything I look at or think about has become a math problem.”
“I stagger out of school. I’m a math zombie now. I have to find something to break this math curse. I decide to try chocolate.”
“I’m going to bed now, Lovis! Not to sleep. But to think and to curse, and woe better anyone who disturbs me!”
“Ever since he’d left, Mama had scarcely paid attention to her. Sarah had even heard Mama tell Cleo that love wasn’t a blessing, it was a curse.”
″‘I set my curse on you, Esteban!’ Ferula shouted back. ‘You will always be alone! Your body and soul will shrivel up and you’ll die like a dog!‘”
The different stories just happen. There is a curse, children are threatened, but they survive.
“The curse of modernity is that we are increasingly populated by a class of people who are better at explaining than understanding, or better at explaining than doing.”

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