We Couldn't leave Dinah Quotes

10 of the best book quotes from We Couldn't leave Dinah
“It is a contemporary adventure story set on a fictional island in the English Channel during World War II and eventually during a German occupation.”
“The novel is set during the summer holidays early in the Second World War. The Templetons are English residents on the fictional island of Clerinel in the English Channel.”
“The children are all members of the local Pony Club. Caroline rides the spirited Dinah, Mick the more placid Punch, and their little brother the chubby Bellman.”
“Meanwhile, there are rumours that the Germans who have occupied the nearby Channel Islands may be planning to take over Clerinel too.”
“The location and topography of the island are ideally suited as a platform for launching an invasion of the South Coast. Mr. Templeton discusses leaving with the children, prompting Caroline’s horrified response: “We couldn’t leave Dinah”.”
“The Pony Club’s chairman, Peter Beaumarchais, has surprisingly opted for a fancy-dress carnival as their Anniversary Day celebration in mid-September. Caroline decides to go as Elaine the Lily Maid of Astolat.”
“Mick chooses to dress simply as a local fisher boy and borrows some clothes from Petit-Jean. During the celebration Caroline spots some unfamiliar riders in fancy dress.”
“These riders turn out to be a party of German invaders taking advantage of the fancy dress to gain easy access to the Martello tower.”
“The English residents hurriedly evacuate, but in the confusion Caroline and Mick are left behind. Their home having been requisitioned by the German general.”
“They camp in some caves that have been fitted out as stables. With the help of Peter they manage to survive and stay hidden while planning their escape.”
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