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19 of the best book quotes from The Hunger Games
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    “Gale gave me a sense of security I’d lacked since my father’s death. His companionship replaced the long solitary hours in the woods. I became a much better hunter when I didn’t have to look over my shoulder constantly, when someone was watching my back…Being out in the woods with Gale…sometimes I was actually happy.”
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    “As long as you can find yourself, you’ll never starve.”
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    “You don’t forget the face of the person who was your last hope.”
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    “I’m ashamed I never tried to help her in the woods. That I let the Capitol kill the boy and mutilate her without lifting a finger. Just like I was watching the Games.”
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    “Why don’t you just be yourself? … No one can help but admire your spirit.”
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    “Destroying things is much easier than making them.”
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    “I bite my lip, feeling inferior. While I’ve been ruminating on the availability of trees, Peeta has been struggling with how to maintain his identity. His purity of self.”
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    “As I hike along, I feel certain I’m still holding the screen in the Capitol, so I’m careful to continue to hide my emotions. But what a good time Claudius Templesmith must be having with his guest commentators, dissecting Peeta’s behavior, my reaction. What to make of it all? Has Peeta revealed his true colors? How does this affect the betting odds? Will we lose sponsors? Do we even have sponsors? Yes, I feel certain we do, or did.”
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    “Remember, we’re madly in love, so it’s all right to kiss me anytime you feel like it.”
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    “Stupid people are dangerous.”
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    “I always channel my emotions into my work. That way, I don’t hurt anyone but myself.”
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    “Rue’s death has forced me to confront my own fury against the cruelty, the injustice they inflict upon us. But here, even more strongly than at home, I feel my impotence. There’s no way to take revenge on the Capitol. Is there?”
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    “I am not pretty. I am not beautiful. I am as radiant as the sun.”
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    “The idea of actually losing Peeta hit me again and I realized how much I don’t want him to die. And it’s not about the sponsors. And it’s not about what will happen back home. And it’s not just that I don’t want to be alone. It’s him. I do not want to lose the boy with the bread.”
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    “My nightmares are usually about losing you. I’m okay once I realize you’re here.”
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    “Happy Hunger Games! And may the odds be ever in your favor.”
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    “You’ve got about as much charm as a dead slug.”
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    “Some walks you have to take alone.”
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    “When I was younger, I scared my mother to death, the things I would blurt out about District 12, about the people who rule our country, Panem, from the far-off city called the Capitol. Eventually I understood this would only lead us to more trouble. So I learned to hold my tongue and to turn my features into an indifferent mask so that no one could ever read my thoughts.”
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