Yury Andreyevich Zhivago Quotes

11 of the best book quotes from Yury Andreyevich Zhivago
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    “It was against the rules to remain indifferent to it.”
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    “It’s not for nothing that you stand at the end of my life ... just as ... at its beginning.”
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    “I never turn back halfway, never abandon what I’ve started.”
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    “The unfree man always idolizes his slavery.”
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    “They were all there, all side by side, and some did not recognize each other, while others had never known each other.”
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    “I used to be in a very revolutionary mood, but now I think that we’ll gain nothing by violence.”
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    “It’s impossible, without its affecting your health, to show yourself day after day contrary to what you feel.”
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    “Just now I was looking out the window of the train and thinking. What can be higher than peace in the family and work? The rest isn’t in our power.”
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    ″[That] was why Yura was so shaken by his mother’s death, because he had been lost in that forest with her and was suddenly left alone in it, without her.”
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    “The roof over the whole of Russia has been torn off, and we and all the people find ourselves under the open sky.”
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    “Every herd is a refuge for giftlessness . . . Only the solitary seek the truth, and they break with those who don’t love it sufficiently.”