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Seven of the best book quotes about left alone
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    “I mustn’t act like a bay—I must try to be strong.”
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    “He knows it will be hard for me, Salva realized. He does not want to leave me there, but he has to go back and fight for our people.”
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    “The tears were hot in Salva’s eyes. Where had everyone gone? Why had they left without waking him? He knew the answer: because he was a child . . . who might tire easily and slow them down, and complain about being hungry, and cause trouble somehow.”
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    “He was living proof of one of my worst fears: Your parents really could die and leave you alone in the world.”
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    “I figured if anything happened to Mom, I would be alone on this planet.”
    Laura Resau
    Red Glass
    left alonefear
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    ″[That] was why Yura was so shaken by his mother’s death, because he had been lost in that forest with her and was suddenly left alone in it, without her.”
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    “He was all alone with his medal.”